BURLEIGH HEADS – 3 Storey Dwelling House.

One of the key changes in Council’s City Plan was greater restriction around building height with more restrictive provisions around how height is measured and no recognition of the need for alternative design approaches on sloping sites. The ability to obtain approval for buildings over 9m in areas designated for 2 storey (9m) maximum height was also limited. Our town planning team recently obtained the first new 3 storey dwelling house approval with a height exceeding 9m within a 2 storey (9m) height limited area. The approval was obtained via demonstrating the dwelling house met the higher order elements of the City Plan and represented an exceptional design outcome that addressed the site constraints. Obtaining the approval required us to work collaboratively with Council Officer’s and the project architect. For this project Michel Group Services were engaged for preparation and lodgement of the development application, public notification of the application and coordination of the project through the assessment process. We have also obtained development approvals for additions to and extensions of 3 storey dwellings so for a new build or if you are renovating or extending your existing house and need Council approval, feel free to contact us today.