GCCC Building Height Provisions

The current GCCC City Plan includes building height requirements in both storeys and metres.  Council recently released a new City Plan Practice Note which clarifies Council’s interpretation of these provisions (link below).  This Practice Note highlights a critical issue in that height in metres is measured in a single vertical plane while height in storeys is not.  Instead storeys are measured over the entirety of the building meaning a building that steps up or down a hill with multiple sections or pavilions can trigger as a 3 storey house.  This poses issues for building design on sloping sites in particular as non-compliance with height requirements often triggers development applications up to impact assessment.   Early review and design advice can be critical to obtaining a timely approval when considering building height issues and we can assist in this regard as well as with the preparation and lodgement of development applications for buildings triggered by the height provisions of the City Plan.  Contact us to discuss your project on 5502 2500.