CARRARA – Low Residential Density Subdivision

Following Council’s recently implemented amendments to the City Plan allowing for the subdivision of Low Density Residential Lots down to 400m2 where on a corner site, an application was lodged for the subdivision of this 1,238m2 corner allotment into 3 new lots.  Approval was obtained from Council and the property owner moved to act on the approval and create the new lots.  The project is now almost completed with the new lots close to registration.

Michel Group Services were engaged to obtain the subdivision approval and assist in coordinating the works to act on the approval as well as providing surveying services including set-out of civil works and the cadastral survey of the new lots. We worked closely with the civil engineer, electrical engineer and civil contractor to get this project completed and signed off as soon as possible.

These types of projects present a good opportunity for development in the otherwise restrictive Low Density Residential Zone. Feel free to contact us for advice on your Low Density Residential Zoned site or subdivision project.