Repeat Client – Local Physio and Sports Health Specialist

We were first engaged by a local physio and sports health specialist to obtain an approval for the operation of their clinic in Labrador in 2014.  When looking to re-locate their Labrador clinic and also their Burleigh clinic this year they contacted MGS to obtain the necessary development approvals. 

The Labrador clinic was to be relocated to Molendinar to a site within the Mixed Use Zone and Fringe Business Precinct.  Due to the change over of lease and the need to continue trading, a speedy resolution of the development approval was required.  MGS was able to facilitate a relatively quick development permit and in particular was able to adequately address all likely issues of concern to Council, particularly around parking, such that neither Council nor the State requested further information to complete their assessment.  The final approval was subject to minimal conditions and allowed relocation of the clinic with no disruption to trade.

The Burleigh clinic was a more involved process due to size, parking and locality requirements limiting the available sites.  A suitable site was located after extensive searches and review of multiple sites for suitability by MGS.  The site chosen was within the Low Impact Industry Zone, and therefore acquiring a development permit for a Health Care Services use was always going to prove difficult due to the City Plan requirements around preserving industrial land.  Historical approvals and existing uses on the site were important to support the proposed development, however further justification was required by way of an Economic Impact Assessment.  This assessment was critical in order to provide Council with sufficient relevant matters to justify approval of the development.  MGS prepared and lodged the development application, undertook extensive negotiations and discussions with Council throughout the process, engaged suitable consultants for preparation of supporting reports, prepared the proposal plans for the application and also undertook the public notification of the development application.  While a difficult and lengthy process, a development approval was obtained with suitable conditions of approval, resulting in a very satisfied client.  We also believe that this is the first approval of this type in this zone in the City.