Subdivision Options…

When looking to subdivide there are several options or alternative approaches that are available.  Standard format plans (typical subdivision of land); community title building format plans (subdivision of approved and completed buildings such as duplexes, town houses, industrial buildings etc); community title standard format plans (subdivision of land but utilising the community title approach) and volumetric subdivisions.

We are seeing growth in the community title standard format plan approach to subdivision as it provides title to land as opposed to the building forming the lot boundaries.  Importantly, development applications for standard format community title lots are code assessable on the Gold Coast where associated with an approved development.

A good example of of using this approach is where a site is approved for a second detached dwelling which would ordinarily require the dwellings to be completed and separate titles created using a building format plan.  A code assessable development application can be lodged to create community title standard format lots thus providing title to land and removing the need to construct the dwelling before separate titles can be created.  We are working on several projects using this approach at the moment and will update further as they progress.

Our experience with subdivision combined with the expertise of our survey group means we can assist in all subdivision projects so contact us today (07 5517 7000) to discuss your options and for a free quote.