We have successfully executed hundreds of town planning projects throughout South East Queensland including the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Scenic Rim and Somerset Local Government Areas.  Our works include all aspects of town planning for projects as well as coordinating and supervising the preparation of any necessary specialist reports from experts in engineering, traffic, bushfire, stormwater, acoustics and more.  Our extensive history of successful projects has developed a network of trusted consultants enabling us to bring together a project team to get the best possible outcomes in the shortest timeframes.

Town Planning services we provide as follows:

Development Applications – We specialise in all types of development applications including Material Change of Use, Reconfiguring a Lot and Operational Works.


Material Change of Use

We have extensive experience in preparation of development applications and taking such applications through to successful approvals for uses including: Duplexes, Townhouses, Apartments, Industrial Uses, Commercial Premises, Retirement Villages, Medical Centres, Indoor Recreation Uses, Mixed Use Developments and Entertainment Facilities to name a few. We also have extensive experience in dealing with changes of use for existing buildings.

Reconfiguring a Lot

Our extensive experience in all types of applications for Reconfiguring a Lot (subdivision, boundary realignments, long-term leases, access easements etc), combined with our survey group makes us a one stop shop for all aspects of subdivision and titling.  Our experience includes multi stage large scale greenfield subdivisions, small re-subdivisions, small lot subdivisions and strata titling.



Operational Works

We can prepare and coordinate applications for operational works noting we work closely with several engineering firms and landscape architects.

Planning Advice

We can provide timely advice on development potential of sites prior to purchase to ensure a successful development outcome.  This is critical given the complexities of current Planning Schemes and associated legislation.



Project Coordination

Given the complexities associated with development an experienced project coordinator is a critical element to ensure a timely and successful development outcome. We can assist in coordinating lodgement of development applications as well as coordinating works to act on approvals.  We are finding that project coordination to act on approvals is a growth area due to the complexities associated with conditions of approvals and the various steps and processes to be completed in order to act on an approval.

Public Notification

We can undertake all steps associated with the public notification of development applications, with all tasks completed by qualified and experienced town planners to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


Aerial Photo and Contour Overlays

Aerial Photo and Contour Overlays

We can prepare site plans overlaid with aerial photos and aerial contours, a particularly useful tool for large development sites or rural properties.